The Final Girls

#10 Body Trouble

#09 Body Trouble

I want one.
— Beatrice Dalle, Inside (2007)

Dir. Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury
France, 2007

Dir. Marina de Van
France, 2002

There was a brief, bloody moment in the mid-2000s, when French film turned bloodthirsty. We pay homage to that gruesome period dubbed New French Extremity with a double dose of body horror: À l'intérieur (Inside) and Dans ma peau (In my skin). Both films have the female neurosis at its core, and peel back (sometimes, literally) every layer of it until the core is left exposed. 

Inside follows a young pregnant widow who must deal with a relentless woman that appears one night in her home. 

In my skin, while not strictly a horror film, goes deep inside the psyche of a woman obsessed with inflicting damage to her own body. 

Both films push boundaries of what we expect from women in horror, and confront the anxieties of the female body with vivid detail