The Final Girls

#09 Creepshow

#08 Creepshow

Talking dogs are the future of cinema
— Egomaniac (2016)

The Final Girls present a selection of shorts that challenge and reinterpret the limitations of the horror genre. Directed by some of the most exciting new voices in horror, these filmmakers are helping to redefining expectations of what the horror genre can do, and who can do it.  

Shorts screened: 

VINTAGE BLOOD – dir. Abigail Blackmore
NASTY – dir. Prano Bailey-Bond
I SHOULD HAVE RUN - dir. Gabriela Staniszewska
STEER - dir. Becki Pantling
THE HERD - dir. Melanie Light



Dir. Kate Shenton
UK, 2016

All filmmaker Catherine Sweeney (Nic Lamont) wants to do is make a horror film - a zombie romantic comedy with heart and a lot of guts. But everybody around her seems to be intent on interfering with her vision. Egomaniac is a story of filmmaking at any cost written and directed by Kate Shenton, one of the most interesting new voices on the UK genre scene. Egomaniac is a dark comedy with horror at its core - or a horror film with a darkly comic twist.