The Final Girls

#06 The Craft

#06 Prevenge

We are the weirdos, mister
— Nancy Downs, The Craft (1996)

Dir. Andrew Fleming
USA, 1996

Nancy, Sarah, Bonnie and Rochelle, the protagonists and antagonists of the film, are  united as outsiders. As they quip: “We are the weirdos, Mister”, Andrew Fleming’s cult classic screams to us all: ‘it’s okay to be different’. A story of four weird girls, as much by their powers as by their status of outsiders, who create a powerful coven. The Craft is the classic outsider film. Here, witchcraft is a metaphor for everything and anything that makes you different, and for the coping mechanisms that you resort to.  

The Craft doesn’t really care about its male characters (it’s almost too generous to call them ‘characters’ at all, since they’re mostly caricatures of teenage horndogs). The main conflict comes when one sister betrays the coven, when the bond between the girls is broken and they no longer have each others backs as before - it’s all about sisterhood.