The Final Girls

#14 XX

#01 Trouble Every Day

When it comes to horror, women are more often seen than they are heard.
— Jovanka Vuckovic

Dir. Jovanka Vukovic, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjami, Karyn Kusama and Sofia Carrillo
US, 2017

The Final Girls proudly present a one-night-only nationwide screening of XX, the first and only all-female horror anthology. With shorts directed by genre heavyweights Karyn Kusama (The Invitation), Jovanka Vuckovic (The Captured Bird), Roxanne Benjamin (V/H/S/, Southbound) and featuring the directorial debut of St. Vincent, this is a horror milestone. These tales of terror, blood and mayhem test the boundaries of what genre can be, loosely connected by the eerily beautiful animations of Sofia Carrillo. Whilst not directly related to one another, each short has a distinctly feminine theme, tackling and subtly subverting expectations placed on women and the roles they play.

XX Skype Q&A

This screening is made possible with thanks to Thunderbird Releasing.