The Final Girls


Call for Shorts!

It's never too early to start thinking about Halloween, right? Right! This Halloween we're determined to cook you up a little something extra special, Final Girls style.

Olivia Howe
The Quiet Ones Are The Worst

Dangerous women have long been a cinema staple from vamps to femme fatales. Women with a darker side have long been a subject of both horror and fascination. But then there’s also the “quiet ones”; the seemingly normal, maybe even shy, timid characters that descend into brutal madness.

Olivia Howe
Reinventing the Final Girl

The Final Girl is a horror film trope that refers to to the last girl standing in slasher films, where group members are often killed off one-by-one amid increasing terror. 

Olivia Howe
De Palma's Women

Despite his success and undeniable status as a great auteur, De Palma’s films has long since been plagued with with questions of voyeurism, objectification, pornography and violence directed at women.


Olivia Howe