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Happy Birthday To Us!

Hard to believe that it's been a year since The Final Girls began. What began as a weird Saturday morning WhatsApp conversation has since evolved into a whirlwind of a ride; rediscovering some of the bad-ass women in genre cinema, casting a spell across the UK with Anna Biller's The Love Witch and stuffing balloons full of fake blood at Carrie's Bloody Prom Party.

We've brought some of our heroines back to the big screen and shared the stage with an array of truly inspiring and passionate horror fanatics. We've stayed up all night with Jamie Lee Curtis and spent day after day handcrafting zines. We've made some terrific new friends, and more importantly - we've watched and talked about lot about horror films. 

Since we started The Final Girls, we’ve been asked the same question over and over again - why do you like this stuff? Sometimes there’s an underlying judgement in that question - how can you like this stuff? 

For our first birthday party, we thought we’d like to share the stage with other horror enthusiasts - and ask the question: why do you love horror

Join us on Saturday 13 May 19:00 at the Horse Hospital to find out. We've got some amazing speakers lined up and we will be creating a special edition zine - available only to those who join us on the night. 

This event is free (so book quick!) and is made possible thanks to our friends at Shudder, the online home of horror, where we are May's guest curators.